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Shri Mahesh S. Gohel (EDP Manager – RMC)

Mahesh S Gohel - EDP Manager - RMC

Mahesh S Gohel – EDP Manager – RMC

Shri Maheshbhai Gohel has been residing in Rajkot for 40 Years. He completed his study of B.E Computer from Sardar Vallbhbhai Patel National institute of Technology Surat. He learnt Programming languages like VB, SQL Server, and Microsoft Certified Program. He Joined information and library Network Ahemdabad as a scientist and from there he made libraries of many universities computerized such as Hyderabad, Osmania, Aanna, Gulberg, Jodhpur Etc..

Maheshbhai has been serveing in Rajkot Municipal Corporation as an E.D.P Manager for the last 13 years. He has made many services of Corporation online like E-governess, Website of RMC in innovative states, Tax, Birth & Death Certificates. He has shown his marvelous working capacity by making the contractor’s bill account states online, RTI States online and the branches of the corporation online thorough internet.

Maheshbhai has wished all the best to Atulbhai for his grand success of the website.  Contact No.: 0281-2230920, email:


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