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Shri Mansukhbhai Barai – Okha

Masukhbhai Barai

Masukhbhai Barai

Shri Mansukhbhai Barai, a native of Okha, has been living in Mithapur since 30 years and doing social activities for thirty years. His personality is always socially and politically ahead. He has accepted the motto A service to man is a service to God. As a Sarpanch of Okha Gram during 1995 to 2000 he did many things to develop the village. He made roads of cement, establihsed an English Medium School and made all the informations about Gram Panchayat available on Internet. He is  President of Dwarka Taluka B.J.P., All India Barai Family, Passenger Association, Tenker Association – Okha, Press reporter of Gujarat Samachar, Jansatta & Loksatta, Ex-President of Chamber of Commerce – Okha and Okha Gram Panchayat,

 He is having many responsibllities like Vice President of Okha Mandal, Lohana Mahajan (Gau-Shala), Okha Lohana Mahajan, Committee Member of Shri Lohana Maha Parishad Mumbai, Akhil Gujarati Lohana Samaj, Member of Working Journalist association, Indian Red Cross Society, Managing Trustee of Jeevan Deep Bal Mandir – Dwarka, and Pujya Shri Jalaram Bapa Vrudh Ashram. In spite of all these social activities, he is very progressive in his business, too. He is involved in the business of Automobiles, Truck and Transport. We must learn lessons from his fitness, activities and social services. His social services are spread from Dwarka, Okha, Suraj Karaadi and Mithapur to Talukas, District and till Rajkot. His Contact at Okha is as below. 

Contact Information

G.N. Barai & Co.
Main Bazaar,  Okha – 361 350
Dist  – Devbhumi Dwarka
Mobile: +91 9824218241


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