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I will always be attentive for the development of Sagar Community.. – Anand Karathia.

anand karathia

anand karathia

Shree Anandbhai Karathia who is leader of the sagar community is always attentive for the development of the sagar community so to know more about the speciality of shri Anand Karathia we have to look deep in his life.

Shree Anandbhai Samtabhai Karathia was born in 01-05-1965 the same day Gujarat State Foundation Day. Shree Anandbhai is a farmer from small village Jam Rojiwada of Bhanwad Taluka District Devbhumi Dwarka. He studied at Vallabh Vidayanagar of Ahmadabad and completed his education upto B. Com to L. L. B. He is engaged with the profession of courier since last 22 years and having his shop at Tagore Road in Rajkot City.

Shree Anandbhai is also well known as the chief leader of sagar cast since last 20 years and he is also giving service as a secretary of All Gujarat sagar community. In present under the leadership of shree Anandbhai the boys hostel has been built for community under expense of Rs. 1.5 crore and many boys are staying and studying in the hostel and further in future shree Anandbhai is attentive for the development of Girls hostel.

Atulbhai Chotai who is the Journalist and writer by profession has taken interview of Shree Anandbhai in which he told that he is having his house and profession responsibility but than also he will always be attentive for the development of community.

Shree Anandbhai is having great faith in Saint Shree Dasaram Bapu so to contact to Shree Anandbhai Karathia contact details are Rajkot (Local) Courier Service, 109-10 Rajratna Complex, Near J. P. Tower, Tagore Road, Rajkot – 360 002 (Gujarat) Mobile Number : 94262 19905 and email :

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