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Atul N. Chotai is working as writer and journalist

Atul N. Chotai is working as writer and journalist

Mr. Atul N. Chotai is a young & energetic person. Porbandar is his native but he has been residing in Rajkot for thirty years. He is very interested in social service. Sincere, kind, sensitive, mixing and honest nature has given Atul a large number of friends and well wishers. He has many experiences to deal with large companies. Though he is very young, he is socially ahead and active in various activities. Smartness with gentleness is the main attraction of Atul’s personality. He is very active and hard working. Bright future is waiting for him. Currently, he is associated with many news papers and publishers. He is also the author of book Net 4 all published in the year 2000 about information technology which is the first ever in Gujarati language. and Bardo Dungar e- book for a guide to tourist in August  – 2017

Now a day, he is active as an advisor of information technology & Media. He had worked as an editor for 10 years of well known Gujarati I.T. magazines, Personal Computer Today and Gujarati fortnightly news paper A to Z Gujarat. He became popular as an I.T. columnist of Akila a very popular evening news paper as he had explained I.T. for two years in this daily. He has large experience in I.T. field. His articles on I.T. have been publishing in various news papers since long time.

This is a very modest effort with the help of this Blog to spread the information about Gujarat and Gujarati people, to the maximum amount of people.

Read Carefully Our Terms & Conditions 

(1) In this blog, We publish the news, articles, informations & photographs, co-ordinating from known and un-known different sources like news papers, magazines, social media etc.

(2) We try our level best to diclare the name of the source When ever possible. We are human being and so some times it is possible that some matter may be left from our sight and we are very sorry for that.

(3) The main aim of this blog is to serve and collect, fact and useful informations to the people.

(4) We present level best information available from us, with the name of its author or source so please don’t ask for more information.

(5) This blog strictly follows the rules, regulations of internet community, information technology act and related all the legal matters so, if any matter is against rule or the matter is not proper, we have right to change or cancel the matter.

(6) We do not publish the matter mentioned below or any other matter which the laws do not permit. (1) personal matrimonial (2) attractive schemes (3) collection of funds (4) matter of Tantrik vidya, mesmerism (5) smoking products (6) adult material (7) appointing Ladies staff (8) prohibited material

(7) Our valued users, any information or articles published by different individual persons, this Blog does not agrees or disagrees with any of this. information or Details published here are not checked by us. So before sending money or buying a product you should contact some trustworthy person. We will not be responsible for any type of complains. Content of the website might be under copy rights of owner..

(8) subject to Jurisdiction Rajkot – Gujarat State -India


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