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બરડા ડુંગર વિષેની માહિતી આપતી નિઃશુલ્ક ઈ-બુક

વહાલાં વાચકમિત્રો

પોરબંદર પાસે આવેલા બરડા ડુંગર વિષેની માહિતી આપતી એક નાની ઈ -બુક મેં સંકલીત કરી છે. જે તમારા સહુના વાંચન અને રેફરન્સ માટે છે જેને નીચેની લિન્ક દ્વારા નિઃશુલ્ક ડાઉન લોડ કરી શકાશે… આ બુક આપ સહુને જરૂર ઉપયોગી થશે એવી અપેક્ષા સહ…

Bardo Dunger E – Book By Atul Chotai

આપનો સહદયી

-અતુલ એન. ચોટાઈ
(પત્રકાર અને લેખક)
રાજકોટ – ગુજરાત

પોરબંદર બરડા ડુંગર ઈ -બુક નિઃશુલ્ક ડાઉનલોડ અતુલ એન. ચોટાઈ (પત્રકાર અને લેખક) રાજકોટ – ગુજરાત બરડો ડુંગર અતુલ ચોટાઈ

An ancient and historical places of Porbandar & the mountain Bardo should be visited once.

Bardo Mountain - Porbandar

Bardo Mountain – Porbandar

Dear friends,

as we know that the land of our Saurashtra is the foundation of history. There are so many known, unknown, ancient or modern places in Saurashtra that we have not seen, some places are at odd locations and there are lack of basic facilities so we do not even think to go there.

We want to introduce you to the ancient, modern, religious and beautiful places around Porbandar and the mountain Bardo. We heartly provide you all the information like transportation, loading & boarding facilities as we want to provide you all the facilities and guidance by staying with you like a family member.

We generally arrange this tour during week ends & public holidays. You can join this tour personally, with family, with co-workers or with friends. Generally, this tour is arranged by bus, train, personal vehicle or by large Rickshaw. If the tourist has his own vehicle, he can join with it. The tourists should afford all the expenses themselves. We arrange this non professional tour to guide you properly and provide necessary facilities. The tourists should pay us rupees one hundred only as a registration charge per tourist which is not refundable in any circumstances.

A free of cost e-book can be downloaded by the link given below, describing details about the tour to the mountain Bardo

Bardo Dungar E – Book

Places of tour

Porbandar city (a single day)

(1) Sudama temple
(2) Kirti Mandir, the birth place of Res. Mahatma Gandhi
(3) Lord Satyanarayan temple
(4) Sandipani temple, organised by Res. Shri Rameshbhai oza
(5) Birds sanctuaroy.
(6) Jambuvan Cave (Ranavav)
(7) Rangbai Mata Chopati point-Oddar
(8) Shree Aryakanya Gurukul (If there is spare time)

Shanidev (Hathla) Darshan (Single day)

(1) Hinglaj Mata Temple-Verad
(2) Vir Manglavala’s Place-Bhutvad (Bhanvad)
(3) Ganesh templevGhumli
(4) Navlakha palace-Ghumali
(5) Ashapura Mata temple-Ghumali
(6) Shanidev temple-Hathla.


(1) The places, mentioned above may be changed as per time, circumstances & number of tourists.

(2) The places, mentioned above are only for general information. The tour will be arranged as per the season & time.

(3) The final planning by the management, should be accepted by the tourists to join the tour.

One can contact Mr. Atulbhai Chotai (Journalist & Writer) of Rajkot  for more details about this tour. We request you to send your details to join this tour or to get more details by the link given below.

પોરબંદર બરડા ડુંગર ઈ -બુક નિઃશુલ્ક ડાઉનલોડ અતુલ એન. ચોટાઈ (પત્રકાર અને લેખક) રાજકોટ – ગુજરાત બરડો ડુંગર અતુલ ચોટાઈ