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One can meet Rasikbhai for free information about Yoga & Pranayam.

Rasiklal Kantesariya - Yoga Teachar - Rajkot

Rasiklal Kantesariya – Yoga Teachar – Rajkot

Prevention is better than cure. We have forgotten this proverb in today’s fast life. We generally cure our illness when we became ill. It is most important today, to be aware about our health. Rasikbhai Kantesariya, an authorized Principal Yoga teacher of Ramdevji Maharaj’s Patanjali Chikitsalay is aware for health and makes others to be aware towards their health. He paid his services as a District President of Rajkot and Saurashtra Mandal Prabhari. (In charge of Saurashtra Mandal). Now days, he guides all the people free of cost Yoga, Pranayam & to be healthy at Patanjali Chikitsalay at university road.

Rasikbhai is a native of Mervadar, Ta. Upleta, Dist. Rajkot. He works in Rajkot since last forty years. He is 65 years age and by qualification he is civil engineer. He exercises Yoga regularly & teaches others, too. During his conversation with Atulbhai, he had informed that by exercising Yoga & Pranayam regularly, one can get physical, mental and spiritual benefits and one can become positive thinker, too. Rasikbhai emphasized to exercise Yoga early in the morning and before dinner for minimum 45 minutes. Places like bank of river, garden, orchard of temple are much better for Pranayam otherwise it could be done on terrace or at any silent places with open air.

Rasikbhai arranged Ramdevji Maharaj’s camp in Rajkot in 2010 without any fees. He regularly gives information about Yoga and Pranayam to all at his Chikitsalay and guides as per the patient’s disease. Any person can contact Rasikbhai at the address given below.

Shree Rasikbhai Kantesariya
(Principal Yoga Teacher)
Patanjali Chikitsalay, first floor,
Roop Complex, Opp. Ramraj Travels,
near Indira Circle, University Road,
Rajkot – 360 005 (gujarat)
Mobile Number : 98790 81617
Email :