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Introducing Mitesh Ahir

mitesh ahir

mitesh ahir

Lets introduce with Mitesh Ahir, a very easy going natured journalist & writer. He had started to write when he was studying in std. 10th. He used to write opinions in news papers and the papers related to casts. He has completed his M.A. in Gujarati subject.

He works as a journalist in famous news paper Akila since 15 to 20 years. His many articles have been published on various subjects like Akhand Ramdhun, small scale industries, seasons etc. Actually Miteshbhai has worked in writing more than Journalism. His stories have been published in famous magazines like Abhishek, Feelings, Parivar Darpan etc.

There are so many times Miteshbhai’s Radio programs has been transmitted known as Ratnakanika & other talks. He has published a book named Zarmar which is a collection of his radio talks Ratnakanika. He is nature lover. He has donated his blood for more than 16 times. Now, at the age of about 40, in his youth, he has paid his duties as a home guard, too. He believes that he has developed the feelings of discipline & security from that duty. As a home guard he has taken training of Rifle & Wireless. His native is Rajkot but as his father was serving as a post master, many times he has to settle in other places like Kasturbadham (Tramba), Lodhika, Amarnagar, Virpur (Jalaram) etc. due to his father’s transfers. His academic career is also divided among many schools & colleges. He can proudly say that he is an experienced person. His sons Sagar & Bhavin are good natured and bright in their career. is a nice blog having collection of Miteshbhai’s writing activities. It’s a great pleaser to visit this blog. His page on facebook is named as mitesh ahir. One can contact Miteshbhai on his mobile 97250 55299 or email to get any information or his book Zarmar.